Chickpea Tomato Wrap

GBGF Chickpeas Two Ways 18

And here we have the second installment of “Roasted Chickpeas: Two Ways.”

I am a big fan of sandwiches. Just because I am gluten free does not mean I am carb free. I loveee putting all sorts of flavors in between layers of carb-a-icious bread holding everything together. There’s something so satisfying about cutting through a layer of carb to get to the food within. As you may know, I try to limit the amount of meat I eat. While I do miss the spice of an Italian sub, there are plenty of great veggie sandwiches. Mine tend to involve either chickpeas/hummus or avocado.

Recently, I have been super into wraps. I like to buy Trader Joe’s brown rice tortillas and keep a package in the freezer at work. Throughout the week, I switch up what ingredients I bring to fill the wrap. Gluten free bread needs to be frozen if it is not used quickly, and then it requires toasting to be tasty. Bread is just too much effort for the kitchen at work. The wraps are just perf.

Thus, just in the way you would take off the cardigan and adorn statement jewelry and heels to convert your daytime outfit to a date night look, I love re-thinking the ingredients of my dinners in a wrap setting. Exhibit A: this chickpea and tomato wrap.


1/2 can roasted chickpeas

1 c. chopped cherry tomatoes

chopped parsley

dijon dressing, below

GBGF Chickpeas Two Ways 15

GBGF Chickpeas Two Ways 16

Dressing (found here)

2 Tbs. Grey Poupon mustard

2 Tbs. good red wine vinegar

6 Tbs. olive oil

Combine ingredients is a jar.

GBGF Chickpeas Two Ways 13

Place lid, and shake well.

GBGF Chickpeas Two Ways 14

Line up all your ingredients to bring to work. I included cabbage for some extra crunch.

GBGF Chickpeas Two Ways 19

And here is the final product taken on my iphone in the lunch room:

GBGF Chickpeas Two Ways 21


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