Thai Sweet Potato & Quinoa Bowl

Another snow day yesterday. CHYEAH.

That’s why you live in DC, kids.

And that’s why you make a meal that is easy to take out into the blizzard for movie night at your friends’ house several blocks away.

BAM. Commute friendly dinner.

BAM. Commute friendly dinner. With a side of mittens.

Snow days are great. Especially since I didn’t get any as a kid. Blah, blah, you’ve probably heard me whine about my cold childhood before. GROWING UP IN CHICAGO IS HARD, GUYS. It’s a great wonderfully awesome city, but never again shall I subject myself to such winters.

I think I like snow days because I thrive on schedules, but inevitably always fill my schedule up. Having a snow day strips your schedule and opens your day up to all kinds of possibilities. I practiced guitar. I caught up on The Mindy Project and New Girl. I went to yoga. I made a trip to Trader Joe’s. And through all of this, I felt like SUCH a good millenial. I mean, think about it. I even cooked for my food blog. A food blog about gluten free eating. You can’t make this stuff up. I am just what you’d expect a millenial to be.

As much as we all try to be unique and creative and original, it’s also sometimes cool to know that I fit in somewhere. I have a home in the trendy millenial category. So, we can consider yesterday a nod to all my trendy millenials out there. We remind society that, in this ever-changing, fast-paced world, there are some things you can also rely on. There will always be 24 year olds going to yoga, followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s for gluten free food. Well, I can’t promise there will always be yoga and Trader Joe’s, but you can sure count on millenials to follow their trends.

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 5

Lime and cilantro. Aka ingredients for guacamole. Millenials worship the stuff.

On that note: I deviated from a trend. While at Trader Joe’s, I meant to grab coconut milk, but accidentally got coconut cream. The internet urges me not to try to make coconut cream work in a Thai sauce/dressing. But I’m a millenial–while I follow trends, I also dare to be different and let my freak flag fly. So I used the coconut cream. Thus, I deliver to you my wonky recipe.

I swear its tasty, or else I wouldn’t be sharing it. It would probably be good on chicken. Probably.

In related news, look how huge this basil leaf is. Consider that these are the leaves I was using when considering the recipe below.

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 4

FYI: this recipe makes lots of leftover sauce. make twice as much quinoa and sweet potatoes if you want it to be proportional.


1 medium sweet potato

1 Tbsp. canola oil

salt and pepper

1 c. dry quinoa

for the sauce:

1/2 c. coconut cream

3 Tbsp. creamy peanut butter

2 tsp. rice wine vinegar

juice from 1 lime

6 large basil leaves

1/4 c. cilantro leaves

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 1

Chop the sweet potatoes into cubes around 3/4″.Spread on a baking sheet.

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 3

Drizzle oil over cubes. Toss with your hands. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss again. Spread out and roast for 8 minutes.Toss, and roast for another 8 minutes.

Meanwhile, mix 2 c. water with 1 c. dry quinoa. Bring to a boil. Simmer with the lid on for 15 minutes.

GBGF Broc Cheddar Soup 8

For the sauce, combine ingredients in a food processor and whirrrrr it up.GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 7

Serve the quinoa, topped with sweet potato cubes, topped with thai coconut sauce.

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 9

Pop some cilantro on there, and voila!

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 10

P.S. if you want to be a good millenial, put the leftover sauce in a mason jar. Your mason jar that is leftover from your farmer’s market tomato sauce.

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 12

P.P.S. It’s okay if things get messy.

GBGF Thai Sweeet Potato 6


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