Breakfast Lately

GBGF Breakfast Lately 2

Geez Louise. The frequency of my posts lately has been rather dismal. Summers in the city are busy times, y’all.

But there’s no need for me to ramble on about my busy summer. I’m sure you peeps have had schedules and summer bucket lists just as jam packed as mine. Even if your bucket list consists of one item- like lounging by the pool. By my standards, I’d call that productivity at its finest.

Now, I am on a plane for the next two-ish hours, so I thought I’d crank out a post. There’s no way I’m sleeping on this plane. I’m too excited for the upcoming week. You see, I am heading home to the good ol Chicago burbs right now. I will be spending the next week or so at my family’s lakehouse in Indiana. I’m excited to see my parents and come home! AAAND three of my college friends/sorawrity sisters/besties in the citayyy are coming from the East Coast to check out my homeland, the Midwest. They arrive tomorrow wooo!

Soo, back to my busy life. Despite my upcoming little respite at the lake, what keeps me going during these hectic times?

I don’t understand the people who say they don’t like/need breakfast. How do they get through the first five hours of their day? Do these people eat huge dinners that last them for the next 18 hours?

Aside from all of the healthy benefits (results in a complete, healthy diet; improved concentration; etc.), I simply need breakfast to nurse my body to a functioning state in the morning.

While I love a hearty meal of an omelette & potatoes, or buttermilk waffles, I also quite treasure the simplicity (and ease) of my weekday breakfasts. I think the reason I hold breakfast so dear is the predictability of it. When I wake up in the morning, I’m not always sure what kinds of trials and tribulations I’ll face that day. Yet there is one thing you can surely count on: my morning routine.

Inevitably, my morning routine involves me snoozing my alarm once or twice. But it’s okay because it’s all worked into my routine. (Except for when I snooze more like five times and end up scrambling out the door.) Another morning ritual is eating breakfast, while trying on outfits for the day. This is why I’m all about the tall dressers/armoirs. I put my bowl and glass of OJ on my dresser- right next to my makeup, and I eat while getting ready. I don’t dare let myself sit down until my breakfast has kicked in- at work. I’m telling you…I’m a zombie before breakfast time. I need this routine.

There’s also the practicality of a predictable breakfast. When buying groceries for one, there’s not a whole lot of room for variety.

So what has been getting me going in the mornings, as of late?

Due to my father’s practice of guzzling a glass of orange juice at every breakfast, I, too, am an OJ guzzler.

In addition to my trusty OJ, I have recently been starting my day off with either yogurt or oatmeal.

After trying my hand at the Greek yogurt fad a few years ago, I wrote it off as too think for my taste. However, Greek yogurt has recently made a comeback in my life. (Pause for a round of applause.) I am no longer turned off by its viscosity- rather, I now find myself impressed by its ability to hold its shape without the framework of a container. Good work, Greek yogurt.

(Random tangent: who spells it yoghurt, and why do they do so? And am I cool enough to pull it off.? Let’s try it out: I like yoghurt. No, that felt awkward. I think I’ll stick to yogurt.)

Admittedly, I need some texture to my meals in order to be satisfied. There is something so gratifying about needing to mechanically breakdown your food between your teeth. I think this is why I’ve never been a big fan of soup. I like to eat my meals, not drink them. That being said, I add a healthy amount of granola to my yogurt. I generally go with KIND brand- usually Oats & Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut. Sometimes I switch it up and get the Fruit & Nut Clusters variety. What can I say? I live on the edge.

I cannot mention my yogurt breakfasts without largely crediting honey for the deliciousness. Thank you, honey, for enhancing my morning meals.

I have even been indulging in berries at the grocery store. When its berry season, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

GBGF Breakfast Lately 3

My other breakfast of choice recently is oatmeal. My affinity for oatmeal has also been passed down by my dad. He’s a morning person, so I guess it makes sense that he’s imprinted his morning rituals in his errant offspring. And by errant, I mean that I was always more a night owl, thus requiring guidance in forming my own morning routine.

Bob’s Red Mill sells a hefty bag of gluten-free certified oats, and it sure is good stuff.

True story: My dad requires a breakfast of oatmeal before any physically tolling day. Unfortunately, ski towns are not known for their wide selection of gluten free products. So my dad always has to bring his own bag of Bob’s Red Mill steel-cut oats on ski trips. And every time, without fail, they stop him and pull his bag aside in the security line. Apparently, steel cut oats are so dense that they resemble a bomb on TSA security screens.

Or at least, that’s the way my dad likes to tell that story.

Evidently, I’m not as threatening as my father, as I prefer the regular old rolled oats. I start out by bringing a cup of water to a boil in a small-medium saucepan. Once it’s at a rolling boil, I stir in ½ cup of oats, and turn the heat to low. Stir occasionally for the next 10 minutes, or until your oatmeal has reached your desired consistently.

GBGF Breakfast Lately 4

I am an avid fan of raisins in my oatmeal. Lately, I have been foregoing brown sugar in favor of honey (big surprise, huh?) or maple syrup. To add a little creaminess, I also like to stir in a heaping tablespoon of almond butter.

GBGF Breakfast Lately 5

And that is what they call morning bliss.


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