Summery Salad

about to pounce on my newly purchased strawberries at the farmer's market

about to pounce on my newly purchased strawberries at the farmer’s market

One of the best parts about summer?

(Besides being able to do water activities!! Love me some waterskiing!)

Being able to go outside and not do much, but feeling like you did do something with your day.

Confused yet?

Example: Say its Saturday, and you want to read a book. (Because, hypothetically speaking, that book was due back to the library on Friday, but you are almost done and can’t hand over until you actually finish it. And since it’s The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, it is in demand, so you cannot renew it. Hypothetically speaking.)

If its wintertime, it is just not practical to go outside to read your book. And putting on all your layers to go somewhere like a coffeeshop to read is just too much work. So, you read inside. Before you know it, the sun has set, and you just spent your entire day indoors as an antisocial hermit. And since you’re in your apt, you probably do a bit of unnecessary snacking.

HOWEVER, if it is summertime, you call up a friend and meet them at a park. You bring a blanket, some refreshments perhaps. You spend a little while strolling through the park, taking in the scene that day. Then, you lie in the sunshine reading your book. But then you and said friend get hot, so you move your blanket to the shade. And you stay at that park for hours.

In both scenarios, you spend the majority of your day reading. The difference? In the summer scenario, you get home at the end of the day knowing you went out and interacted with the world, and you feel like you did something with your day.

Hopefully you get what I’m saying by now. Perhaps you’ve also now noticed that I am extremely extroverted. Thirsty for interactions with the rest of the world. Wow, that sentence was aggressive. Now I just sound like a vampire.

Anywho, that summer scenario is exactly what I did. And it was a wonderful day indeed!

lying in the park looking up at blue skies

lying in the park looking up at blue skies

Unfortunately, we did encounter one minor setback early on in the park adventure. At that first spot that we set our blanket down, the blanket was directly on top of a mound of dog poop. And it was in sun, which made the smell rather potent. While it is true we got hot and wanted to move out of the sun, we also were hoping to escape the horrid smell by moving to the shade. Little did we know, we had just embedded the smell into my blanket. YUCK.

It was actually quite hilarious. We couldn’t stop giggling about our bad luck and the horrible smell that followed our blanket.

Classic summertime story. You think you are about to set out on a magazine-ready day in the park. And you land in dog poo.

See? You can’t help but laugh at our misfortune.

On the contrary, the salad I made that evening was no misfortune. Rather, it was quite a delight!

(Let’s take a moment to appreciate my smooooth transition there.)

After lots of snacking over Memorial Day weekend and the subsequent snacking that took place the week after, I felt that it was time for a cleansing salad. To refresh my palate.

And it did just the trick!

I forget how easy it is to make a refreshing salad like this! Just grab some of your favorite fruit, your favorite cheese, and your favorite nuts, and pile all of it over some greens. Voila! Its a salad!

I meant to put strawberries in this salad, but I accidentally the entire pint in one day. 90% of which was eaten on the commute home from the farmer’s market. Ooops. Sorry I’m not sorry.

But I still had lots of other great ingredients to work with!

I used:

orange, pomegranate seeds, craisins, goat cheese crumbles, and almonds over a baby spinach bed of greens

For the dressing, I drizzled olive oil and my BFF, balsamic glaze.

GBGF Summer Salad 1


Word of advice: be careful scooping the pomegranate seeds out! The juice is dark red and will stain your clothes. I wore an apron for the process.

GBGF Summer Salad 2

I also ate a bunch of the orange while scooping the pomegranate seeds out. Its hard work!

GBGF Summer Salad 3

Now, there’s a nice refreshing summertime salad!

Million Dollar Idea: For lunch this week, I wrapped this salad up in a gf tortilla to make a yummy wrap, if you’re looking for a little more substance than just a salad.



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