Veggie Tacos

We’ve officially had summer weather. Rejoice! Yesterday, I was biking to my friend’s after work, and I felt that hot, muggy feeling of summer. Yes, this has resulted in many of my friends voices their concerns about the onset of oppressing humidity. But for me, I welcome anything that is not the horrid polar vortex of a winter that we had. I say to the heat, bring it on, baby! (I evidently try to converse with Mother Earth?)

I must say, though, I am so glad to have gotten the half marathon out of the way before summer strikes. It was a perfect morning for the Nike Women’s Half, and I felt so accomplished by 9 am. Plus, all finishers got a Tiffany’s necklace at the finish line. Not bad, eh?

In the days after the race, I ate so much food. And drank so much water. I think my body was afraid I was going to launch into another tolling race of some sort, and it went into defense mode, gearing up for anything I might force it to do. Unbeknownst to my body, I had plans to do approximately zero physical activity.

Luckily, my cravings for huge portions has subsided, and I have returned to normal eating. And since I had neglected the blog around the chaos of the half marathon (choosing to run after work, instead of making fun recipes…I know, I know- I’ll never make such silly decisions again!), I have been looking for something intriguing to make.

I am a self-proclaimed tofu newbie. Meaning that I like the idea of tofu and believe in its potential in my kitchen, but I had yet to expand its use beyond the classic tofu stir fry. So when, I happened upon this recipe, I was indeed intrigued! Full disclosure: my mom forwarded me this recipe, thinking I might like it. Right, you are, mum! I just tweaked it a tad.

Here are the ingredients:

yields 3 servings

2-3 Tbsp. olive oil

8 oz. tofu, drained and patted

1 tsp. chili powder

several shakes of both salt & pepper

1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes

1 c. frozen corn

6 small corn tortillas

1 tomato, diced

4 oz. cotija cheese, crumbled

juice of 1 lime

handful of cilantro leaves, roughly chopped/torn

salsa, to taste

GBGF Tofu Tacos 7

Tofu Prep: I sliced the tofu into ~3/4-inch slabs and wrapped them in three paper towels, leaving them to dry for about 10 min. When those paper towels were fully saturated, I replaced with another 3 paper towels for another 10 minutes. Then I crumbled the tofu into small pieces.

drying out my tofu

drying out my tofu

Heat the oil in a medium-large skillet over medium heat. Once the tofu is ready, toss the crumbled tofu into the skillet, along with the chili powder, salt, and pepper. Toss to combine. Cook for about 5 minutes.

GBGF Tofu Tacos 2

Then, toss in the corn and cook for another 3 minutes or so.

GBGF Tofu Tacos 3

Meanwhile, prep the toppings: diced tomato, crumbled cotija cheese, cilantro, and lime halves to squish all over ze tacos.

GBGF Tofu Tacos 5

Then, its time to warm the tortillas in the skillet, then taco assembly can happen. Now, I know that the order in which you place your fillings can be somewhat personal, so I won’t go about telling you how to do that. But just make sure it all makes its way into the tortilla, mkay? Great.

GBGF Tofu Tacos 6

Enjoy, my friends!



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