Yogurt & Pasta…wait, what?

Is yogurt and pasta a thing? It should be.

At this point, you are reacting in one of two ways:

1. Okay, I feel you want further explanation from me. Here’s my thought process: We all know that pasta tastes good with heavy cream sauces, yes? Good, I’m glad we are in agreement on that one. But sometimes you don’t feel like being weighed down by heavy cream. Yet you still want that cream texture. Think you can’t have it all? You can.

2. Duhhh, this is most definitely a thing. (In this case, my apologies for being late to the game. But better late than never. I am just glad to have found my way eventually.)`

This week, I bought a box of quinoa penne pasta (my fave variety) that I mentally dedicated to yogurt sauce concoctions. Here is one way I have incorporated yogurt to make a sauce for pasta. This recipe involves a food processor. Which reminds meeeee…

I got a food processor for my birthday!! A baby Cusinart. So excited. Can’t wait to whip up some hummus, and pesto, and a whole lotta deliciousness.


Here’s what I did, adapted from Bev– love her blog.

(yields two hungry servings)


1 green pepper

½ c. yogurt

lemon juice (only need about ¼ of a lemon)

½ c. shredded cheese (I happened to have Swiss on hand, but I would recommend mozz)

1 tsp. chopped chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (It comes with a bunch in a can. I keep them in the freezer until I have a recipe every now and then that I want to use them in. Or you can use another source of spice, like fresh jalapeno.)

4 oz pasta

salt and peppa



Preheat your oven to broil on high. Stick the green pepper in dat oven. Let it roast about 20 min, or until charred. Be sure to rotate it for even roasting!


Once it is charred, stick it in a small pot with the lid (or other enclosed space) to steam for about 10 minutes. At this time, you may now want to begin your pasta.

After steaming the pepper, the skin should come off pretty easily. Take off the skin and stem, and scrape out any seeds. Throw the meat of the pepper into a food processor, cut in a couple pieces. (Don’t want to make the food processor do allll the work.) Put the yogurt, chipotle peppers and a (big) squeeze of lemon into the food processor as well. Then sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.


My new baby Cusinart! Ain’t she a beaut??

Once the mixture is thoroughly bended and the pasta is drained (and tossed with a bit of olive oil), pour the sauce onto the pasta. Then, mix in the shredded cheese.


The green tint of the sauce may not make for the most appealing-looking picture, but remember, CHEESE. When there is cheese involved, all is well. Plus, this sauce is pretty great.


In case you were wondering, the predecessor to this recipe happened last week. Basically, I steamed some broccoli, sauteed some yellow pepper, and cooked some pasta. Then, I threw it all into a skillet with yogurt and some parmesan. Good stuff! And easy peasy. Observe:

yogurt and pasta

I’m telling you. Pasta and yogurt- make it happen.

Okay, I’m off for a run! Suuuuper psyched that spring is finally arriving after the winter of the polar vortex. Aka worst winter ever. Also, I can start training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon that’s happening at the end of April. Well, at least I intend to begin training. I wrong my workout plan in my Lilly agenda and everything! *scoff* Let’s see how long I stick to this schedule…


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